Paul Adams


Paul Adams


I wonder what it is that Paul Adams doesn't do? He's built instruments for well known musicians including Daryl Hall  and members of Stevie Wonder's band ; is a writer, poet, plays a vast array of exotic instruments and has nine critically acclaimed and enjoys his sideline band electro Jazz fusion band THE NEURONS with ex Ray Charles Trumpet soloist/arranger David Hoffman. Adams release SLEEP won Native Flute Album of the Year at the Zone Music Awards in 2013. AND, in May of 2016 his new album IMAGININGS won Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year at the Zone Music Awards in New Orleans!


It follows The Property of Water,  Heavens and Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds -  the latter nominated for Flute Album of the Year (2010) at the ZMR awards in New Orleans.     With today's technology, one can go direct to the people. Close to 43 million streams on Pandora, along with Sirius, Music Choice and other wonderful smaller stations has been a GODSEND.


Paul credits his early study of ethnomusicology for a deep love of unique musical instruments. “I have a fair collection of anything that makes noise." And when asked about his diversity he likens himself to a painter. ”I’ve always loved the different mediums.. just as a painter doesn’t want to be stuck in oils, or acrylic, pen and ink, you don’t want to be restricted to one theme for the rest of your life”.


What some who might be familiar with Adams flute albums don't know, is that he is also a specialized finger style guitarist -   a fact even more astonishing in light of a tragic accident years ago that resulted in the loss of fingers on Paul's fretting hand. The  ends were rebuilt with grafts from his leg and he says, “I had to completely re-approach my playing. A radio program who had  placed my album Various Waves in the TOP 5 of the year asked about my ‘unique way’ of phrasing! Limitation sometimes has a way of  pushing one beyond barriers.”  The results can be heard on Adams' gorgeous  finger style guitar album  A View From The Plain.      But In The Land Where I Come From is perhaps Adams' most “daring” album to date, crossing boundaries of the best in Jazz,  Pop, and World influences, venturing even into groove and poetry. Described by some as a masterpiece - it’s a wonder filled  celebration of humankind in all its light and darkness, centered around a magical place called BUTTERLAND which Paul calls  his “polyunsaturated journey to mystical lands.”


Adams is no stranger to collaboration either, in 2015 producing and recording projects with Australian singer songwriter Elizabeth Geyer and reknouned  Indian flautist Pravin Godkhindi. And last but not least, The Neurons - Paul’s ongoing project  with Ray Charles long term arranger David Hoffman.  Paul explains “Neurons has been a chance to utilize my instruments in a jazzier  way, blending world music and looped grooves.  “:From time to time I find music unique and original. A pathfinder. Music that realizes new ideas, instruments and styles. That's Dance by  The Neurons!” Smooth & Soul Magazine,  Germany


                                                  Guitar made by Paul Adams               Musical instrument made for Daryl Hall by Paul Adams       Paul Adams playing guitar 

Above left is a Zebrawood Guitar with Meher Baba photo inlaid. Next s a Swedish Humel made for Daryl Hall. Then me playing guitar. My focus is as a generalist, but finger style is my strongest area (John Fehey, Kottke, etc)