The Neurons

World Jazz Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. A bit of the Ethereal as well. Romantic, Edgy, soft and beautiful.

"From time to time I find music which is unusual, unique and original. Not a copy of anything, a pathfinder and pioneer. Music that realizes new ideas, instruments or styles, That's THE NEURONS." Smooth & Soul Magazine GERMANY

"Where the hell did these guys come from? They dance and groove like no other..."

"I receive all manner of CD’s for review but one item that recently dropped into my mailbox has completely blown my mind. It’s the CD titled Dance by ex Ray Charles tour band trumpeter / flugelhorn player David Hoffman and Paul Adams." Smooth Vibes Mag. ENGLAND

"Hippiefied instrumental Acid Jazz/World Music that is absolutely addictive. Dancable? ABSOLUTELY. You might even call it Groovalicious... this album is worth a shot for anyone. ...sets feet to tappin' and neurons firing!" DAILY VAULT.Com


Describing THE NEURONS is a difficult task. Members have played in many countries around the world and have had many interesting experiences with Ray Charles on THE TONIGHT SHOW, NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL, PLAYBOY JAZZ FESTIVAL and more. Other Neurons have had albums rated in THE TOP FIVE of The Year and have seen pop stars without pants on.

Perhaps a QUESTION and ANSWER from a noted journalist might be in order:

  1. What's with THE NEURONS? What kind of music do they do? I mean is it Acid Jazz? Jazz? Rock? Rap? Hip Hop?
  2. "The Neurons like to think of good music being good, and bad music as being bad. Sound waves through air. Dig? But if you'd like to put a label on it, how about WORLD JAZZ HOP?"

  3. Well, this sounds interesting but, can you offer more about how the music sounds?

  4. "WELL, THE NEURONS wanted to mix world influences (One Neuron studied Ethnomusicology at University), with movement oriented GROOVES. I guess this is where "WORLD JAZZ HOP" comes in. This is also where sounds modulate to different colors. AND on occasion, you might even find a poetic recitation, a beautiful Malay lady whispering in sultry tones, or a Taoist poet scattering verse to the wind."

  5. Is it True that one Neuron has not shaved since 1970?

  6. "No, the correct date is 1973."

  7. What kind of instruments do they play? I mean, there are some exotic sounds on the album.

  8. THE NEURONS are glad you asked that. They love instruments! Guitars, Didjeridu, Trumpet and brass instruments, Keyboards, Native Flutes, Gamelon Gongs, Electric Sitars, Banjo's, Congas, Djembe's and Talking Drums, Digital loops, Dog barks, Mandolin, Dulcimers, Voice, Poems, Rainsticks, Tars, Koto's, etc

  9. Is it true that one Neuron makes his own instruments?

  10. "Yes and he's even built instruments for Daryl Hall, Members of Stevie Wonders band and more."

  11. Is it true that NEURONS are made of carbon matter?

  12. "No man can live by bread alone."

  13. In listening, it's obvious that rhythm and movement is very pronounced. BUT, there seems to be quite a lot going on "solo wise" as well.

  14. Oh yes, improvisation and melody are definately friends of THE NEURONS. There are sooo many great influences. Miles Davis, Bela Fleck, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny, John Coltrane. Oh my my my the list is sooo big.

  15. Are NEURONS bigger than QUARKS?

  16. Yes, but NEURONS also have Quarks

THE NEURONS love to talk about themselves (Although they freely admit this doesn't spiritually coincide with the lessening of the ego.). They also love to talk about arty things as well as write stories and poetry. Sometimes THE NEURONS even do lectures on these topics at schools and Universities.

You may visit THE NEURONS by going to

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