These are some of the instruments I made and have used on the albums. It was a wonderful life, but making music is it for me now. Back in those days I was too shy to perform and compose. But, the truth comes out for us all in the end I guess.


Paul Adams Mahognany, Spruce, Lacy walnut Guitar Acoustic guitar made of Mahogany, Spruce, with laced Maple Pick Guard. made circa 1984.



Paul Adams Swedish Hummel made for Daryl Hall Hummel made for Daryl Hall around 1986. Very Dulcimer like.


Paul Adams Zebrawood Guitar with Meher Baba Zebra wood electric with Meher Baba inlay. Somewhere in LA I think?


Paul Adams Rosewood Dulcimer  Dulcimer Rosewood and spruce. Made around 1982 perhaps?


Paul Adams Koa Wood Bass   This is a bass made from Hawaiian Koa. Neck runs through the body. Me likes it !


Paul Adams Koa Bass made for Paul Morin from The Pointer Sisters  Another Bass made of Koa. Made for Paul Morin who was with The Pointer Sisters


Paul Adams 5 string Banjo   Paul Adams close up making a banjo 

This 5 Str Banjo was made years ago. I had a chance to buy it back but Doug Knecht beat me to it !!  A gift for his lovely girlfriend.


Paul Adams Electric Dulcimer Walnut w/ Bartolini Electrics   Paul Adams Electric Dulcimer Walnut w/ Bartolini Pick up       Electric Dulcimer. Wonderful Walnut. Such a fun wood!!


Paul Adams Psaltry Harp / Walnut. Lyle Mays loves these things   Walnut Psaltry with Abalone Inlay. Perhaps about 1980??


Paul Adams Wormy Chestnut Dulcimer    Paul Adams Walnut Dulcimer 

This Dulcimer on left was made of Wormy Chestnut. On the right is laced Spruce and Walnut. The only one of it's kind I made - I think - maybe I made another??



  I am no longer this cute



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