You came like an explosion of crys and smiles.

Relief and and protest become one.

You learned to walk with caution,

making your way to the world.


Your smile and imagination reflect all that is.

All that is beauty,  love,  and simplicity.

Your smile stretches into forever          

to forever land,              a place of possibilities.


But beware.        As you grow old,       the smiles turn to frowns,

sucked into a reality of business and prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements,            that seek to make sense

of the imagination,                      and love.


A wish to control the magic of the smiles          from forever land.

Our life of magic confiscated,   dominated,   and regulated.

Our Magna Carte protecting our rights of domination over          forever land,

seeking control,    and safety,    from loves enemy.

Paul Adams

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