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I want to offer a page of some of the work my mother created during her life.  Like many of us, she had many talents, but I suspect didn't have confidence. What she may have seen as lack of "chops", I see as style. I think she was that good... she had vision... and THAT vision was valid.  I've had to convince myself that everyone has a voice. Bela Fleck is Bela Fleck. Pat Metheny is...well... you know.  




Above left is ABE with very strong features, as is SILAS The Digger on the right.  Mother liked strong men. She appreciated sensitivity as well. LADY HAW HAW in the middle expresses a strong woman, but who sits on a lid. Everything is bottled and capped.




Floral and a Madonna - ish piece. I like the abstract nature of her. It seems to allow the imagination to self define what this image may express to some. Religious work is a bit uncomfortable for some ...perhaps because of the "vibe" of organized religion. Mom went to church in later life, but her attraction was toward things spiritual rather than religious




Brightwood above was a bit stylistically different for mother. It was done in the latter part of her life. I love the coloring and imaging of the flower arrangement o the right. Very positive.




I like the emptiness of the above piece. Done in oil.  On the right a period piece also done in oil. Mom was much more attracted to older works than I. She loved Aubry Beardsley and I just couldn't connect with him.




The above left work is from the late 50's or early 60's. Watercolor. On the right is an abstract exercise in simple angular lines. I find the coloring positive. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed my mother Paula Adams work !

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