Daily Zen


You place the glass in the cupboard

resulting in a lightening of your envy.

The floor is swept

of worry that embrace your thoughts.


The table is dusted,

one less obstacle.

The lid embraces the jar as it is tightened serpentine

you dry anothers tear as you wipe the pate, keeping their spirit fresh another day.


Walking the dog who's senses stop him at every tree,

you are one step closer to home.

Clean the yard of that sweet hounds gifts,

and you have organized a more direct connection to the one.


Each act of movement

within the obligations of the day,

brings you one step closer

to your nature - to the One


No act, no action, is mundane.

It carries the weight

of a heart

pumping lifeblood and fueling the journey to your empty glass.

Paul Adams

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