A lovers cage is an open space

of distant horizons that blend into infinity.

An embrace holding tightly to that

that chooses to intertwine and freely play with its lover.


A grasping hand holding tightly,

each reflecting the color of the others hand.

This embrace is tightly interwoven with its partners embrace,

yet held only by the free will of each individual hand.


A single tear, a single smile, results from two tears and two smiles.

Such love is like glue,      bonding two souls to one.

Each soul  offered to the other,         a value priceless,

And a bond which is formless  and boundless.


Boundless as the sun fades into the horizon with full freedom.

Yet this night trusts the suns return

to dance another day, floating through the

sky emitting light that brightens a new free horizon.

Paul Adams

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