KARMA at 100 hz




Here it is again, booming thru the trucklid

of some slob addicted to the four count

Emphasis on two and four - never a change


200htz at infinite volume stretching out fingers

that reach and sculpt the dumbing of America.


The dumbing of America, where bile replaces statement.

Audio food for the soul.

Soul food turning us into automatons that scream individuality!


One individual voice, a voice of millions

that preach individuality by becoming the same.

One individual voice, a voice of millions

as sheep that follow one another into that

big audio meat grinder feeding the masses

whose spiritual and artistic cholesterol

block the bloodflow to the heart.


It’s KARMA man.


Karma, from whips beatings and chains

ironically tickle the generation whose forefathers

used whips to stifle  generations of

beautiful people tied to the mast of sailing ships

bringing these people to THE NEW WORLD



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