I drive down the road thru a vast darkness between towns.

Towns that glimmer to the front of me, and then disappear from my rear view mirror.


My headlights pierce the darkness,      but I’M still overtaken by that night.

That night that envelopes me within the solitary vacuum of darkness.

A darkness that screams as with 100,000 watts of power,

you are alone within the four walls of infinity,

floating free no more tethering me to this satellite.


Then I thought of you,    and the sun rose from the horizon

piercing the darkness,          screaming with such  luminosity  that

all things made sense,  all things are real,

all things are fine,              and

all things,     all things,               are as they should be.


Your face,    holds all things together.

From the smallest subatomic atomic particle, 

to the infinite depths of the ocean.

You are my lifeline,         blessing me with a buoyancy

that keeps me from drowning within the depths of this vast sea.

Paul Adams

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