I have neglected to ad a "News" section to my web site. This is an opportunity to let everyone know what's happening, what I feel is exciting artistically and humanistically. I want to "connect" and participate in this human condition, but be sensitive about over self focus. I want this to be about you as well. Without you, my well is somewhat dry. .

To work as an artist is a dream come true. I've done many things and had many wondrous jobs as a guitar maker, a mental health consultant, lecturer, boat maintanence, and car wash squeejie boy. This is a magical journey. My taste in music is somewhat broad and eclectic. Not good in music and the business encurages you to stay within one genre. But I try to compromise somewhat by offering both meditative/spiritual approaches and artistc approaches.

Currently I am close to finishing DEEPER IMAGININGS, my follow up to IMAGININGS that won contemporary instrumental album of the year in 2015. I've released a single (Essence & Flow) from the album as a teaser. Here is a spotify playlist link. I made a short video for the song on you tube here. I am releasing this with my dear Australian friend Elizabeth Geyer. Also on DEEPER IMAGININGS will be Pravin Godkhindi from India. Hoping for my friend David Hoffman to add a few things as well.

And speaking of Elizabeth Geyer, we are going to figure out a way for her to reach some ears. A musical genius who has impressed the likes of Bruce Lundvall (Blue Note Records) Grammy winner Bill Champlin, drummer extrordinaire Peter Erskine and many others. We're scratching our heads to figure out how to do this!?! A difficulty is that neither of us fit squarely in one genre. We consider ourselves aliens...we seem not to fit.

While Spotify remains a challenge in getting followers (I have around 15,000 listeners a month) I would like to increase this. Getting on Spotify sponsored playlists is difficult. But I'm plugging away with your help. Pandora is a bit better as I'm nearing 100 million streams there.

Life is facing challenges and my next one is to release singer songwriter material. I have fearfully kept it silent but it is time. With this as well as my past repertoire I want to start touring and do live performances with Elizabeth.  More to come.

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Paul Adams

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