The sewer of the seed digs two fingers length beneath the soil,

planting that which nature magic's to growth.

A feeder of soil for roots growing firmly,

grasping and embracing the loam.


The sun pours rays of nourishment

a meeting water and mineral, sculpting to chlorophyll.

Mineral, sun, water, and earth tumble in an embrace growing root and stem.

Root and stem, offering pedals to the glory of the sky.


The planter of seeds, with these minerals, sun, and earth

in a dance of "I am."


The sewer of seeds of the money belt, plants ideas and illusion,

reaping the harvest from the sewer of seeds.

Shouts of   "HERE!"     "GO!"    and     "30,000!!"     mix with cacophonous

bells exclaiming the value of the product of seed.


One sewer shouts, sweats - an unending race.

Another sewer, is one with the loam.

One sewer  phones, faxes, and emails.

Another sewer plants, digs, and harvests.


Each sewer of seeds    harvests their crop.

Their vehicle driving them to their point of purpose in the world.

A world where the sewer of seeds with clanging bells,

shouts,  values,  and molds the dance of another sewer of seeds.


The sewer of seeds     air and illusion.

The sewer of seeds     earth and water.

The sewer of seeds     clanging bells.

The sewer of seeds     wind and sun.

The sewer of seeds     screaming with smooth silk ties.


These ties screem out shouts of    "BUY !"    SELL !   30,000!!"   

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