From the recording This Curious Wonder

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Sitting alone on the corner, our mysterious protagonist attracts attention and elicits fear and judgement. We need reminders that sometimes we worship empty vessels.


The old man appeared at the bright light edge of town
Near the light at 4th & vine and he sat right down
He always flamed a fire of curiosity
And the folks would always wonder, just who he might be

As time went by gaining quite a reputation
Being the point of the towns rumination
Some thot he should be arrested, and some thot enshrined
Some thot they’d never know that man at 4th and vine

Some thot he was a mystic, or a prophet of good deeds
And some thot he was the devil, but they’re just scared of mystery
And rumor said it’d be luck, if anyone could find
A broken mirror reflecting the man at 4th and vine.

One day they noticed the old man was gone
And newspapers wrote all about been going on
And they praised him for his silence and they praised him for his kind
They praised him for his wisdom and they praised him for his mind

Then some time later on the bright lit edge of town
While stepping thru the clover some children they found
An old broken mirror with magic properties
And a note to the bearer said please remember these

Few words of wisdom, I impart to you
To be passed thru all the ages, yet they are nothing new

That your mystics might be dirty, and your poets weak
Your writers sometimes crazy, but true servants they are meek
Your rich men might be paupers, and your super models freaks
Some gifts they will surprise you, take care of what you seek
Remember that silence can be loud, and the simple are strong
And your weakness forgivable, cause my compassion is long
And the humble they are noble , and tenderness helps you find
The secret of the man, that lived at 4th and vine

Paul Adams

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