1. I'm Alone

From the recording This Curious Wonder

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I’M ALONE: This journey isn’t always easy. God/Nature shapes us with a sharp chisel. Sometimes you are shaped until you understand you are completely alone, and completely connected.


I’m alone like a cold glass of water….I’m alone no destiny in sight
I’m alone falling fate or fader I’m alone be it day or night

And you will take me to warm water, and you will lead me with a trusting hand
And you will cast us son or daughter, and you will break us till we understand I’m not alone

I’m alone like a lamb to slaughter, I’m alone no one 2 hold me tight
I’m alone like a horse without a halter, I’m alone on this cold bitter night


B section
I’m lost and found driven hard to the ground, I’m up and down like a yo yo spinning round
seems never to be found this going round and round
My slip shod ways, brain is in a haze, been days and days, my thinking is in a craze
Your fire it’s a blaze will the heat burn out these wayward ways?

We’re alone no warm water, we’re alone (sometimes) embraced by fright
We’re alone natures son or daughter, we’re alone on this cold bitter night

We’re alone with a tendency to falter, we’re all alone looking for light
We’re all alone natures son or daughter, we’re all alone seeking comfort from the night

Paul Adams

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