1. Winters Year

From the recording This Curious Wonder

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This came as a gift in a dream. Sometimes simple is so deeply pure and true.


Winter comes one time a year don't worry now don't shed a tear
Now and then we face a freeze the bitter wind and cold with ease
Not every day the sun shines bright not every day a winters night
So if you sing this song with me you will face the snow and cold with ease SING

Hall.... Hall....

For we are such a mystery, our thinking creates such misery.
We smile and shake the hand of man, then turn our backs not lend a hand
But if we stop and lend an ear the mystics call to release fear
We'll smile and see where all the same, the Christ Child Buddha, and the Jain SING

Hall... Hall

If we could stop insanity, the terror hate and vanity
The world would be a better place, without forcing our religious ways
dogmatic ways
Amazing Grace
So capable of love are we, as reflected in the Christmas Tree
The Muslim, Jew, and the Jain, are welcome to sing the songs refrain SING

Paul Adams

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