1. Freaks

From the recording This Curious Wonder

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The dynamic of hurt is deep. I often saw it in my work in mental health. It’s not in our long term nature to accept being victimized repeatedly. What a simple irony that sometimes we choose to act out the very thing that oppressed us.
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You see him lurking there (deep) within the shadows
(sneering) wretched face, fighting inner battles.
Feeling so alone, so he thinks he'll destroy ya,
every step he takes, increases paranoia.

What did they do did they seek to destroy you,
beat you up, slap, tease and annoy you,
kick you in the face, knock you down to the ground,
did they laugh and sneer at your isolated frown.

Well calling all freaks, (Ye) of heavy burden,
release the chains you know are certain,
to eat away your soul, fuel resentment,
never lead you toward (To) any path of contentment.

With your slap shot, care or not, shotgun brutal shot,
spray of bullets to the crowd you know will not, ever accept you as their friend.
Tell me my dear what message does your wounded heart send?
Are you not becoming just like them? (Hold A chord...no bass run?)

He sits in his room playing with Nintendo,
His voice will rise and to a crescendo
of a solid wall of fear, crying, envy and anger,
You know it's their fault, and this leads to anger.

That you can't express, parents never around,
the television, radio, music seems to pound
to a great mass of rage, deep within your cage
Your brain is in a haze, from your isolated ways.

Calling all freaks .... any path of contentment

Deep within your heart we have many questions. We all get confused some time.
Take care not to lose your sense of wonder. Don't find, yourself, lost in a small frame of time. You will be fine.....

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