1. Western Wind

From the recording This Curious Wonder

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Written about 35 years ago. I tend to be analytical and wanted to try a simple story about wandering. A Don Williams vibe. Rather than falling from the ether, this was crafted


Like a western wind, he’ll be home again
And a distant friend, who’s honesty would never bend
Like the distant stars, in the sky
You never stop to ask them why?
It’s the western wind, that brings him home again.

Don’t ask him why, he sits and crys
In all those far distant bars, and roadside cafés
Just like an eagle, when he’s caged
You’ll always find him in a rage - till the western wind
Brings him home again

Like the western wind :II

Why ask a heart, why it travels so?
In search of things that it may never know.
Try and understand him, if you can
He only knows his only plan - is with the western wind to
Bring him home again

Paul Adams

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