From the recording This Curious Wonder

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We’re all locked in time and have those triggers of the past. But
the past and the future are superseded by NOW. Time is irrelevant in the long run and that once fertile field doesn’t always look or feel the same. Nothing stands still in this constant unfolding


In this house, of broken boards and wood, that used to stand so tall.
Covered by the sun and a partly shingled roof, and a room where I’d heard mama call

There’s an old faded photo, hanging on the wall
Memories of a childhood, I once knew before the fall

A fall from grace left its mark on this place, will those old memories ever
set me free
But now and again I wonder what might have been, if those old walls held
the gift of
this pain it would be such a shame.

That passionate prairie stands now before me, I could bask forever in those amber fields of grain
But its harvest now and the time it comes for reaping, but somehow thoses fields don’t look the same

The child that lives within us, in some ways always dies, but I know a life
fully lived is never compromised
And when you take it on the chin, then get up again, well the fall becomes
your friend,
and your spirit makes amends, and your savior points a way, from that cold
old lonely place, toward your new saving grace.

Paul Adams

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