From the recording This Curious Wonder

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I was searching for the best way to describe a longing that goes
beyond the physical. How can you describe infinite love with finite metaphor? In so doing surely its cup would “runneth over.” But, poets keep trying


All I know, is that I stood somewhere in time w/ you
Now it seems like a dream, at my age things seem long overdue.
I've read all about astro-physics, and a little 'bout relativity
But I can't pretend to know, much more than I'm able to see

I see you in constant rays of light, that shoot like beams through the night
I wanna follow their magic light until.

Over and over, and over again, I will see you and free you and feed you my friend
and then I'll stand there beside you, like all lost lovers do
until our flesh fades from view, and time holds no value.

All I wanna do is feel that I am hell, I'm no extraordinary man
But sometimes when the stars fall from the sky I see their vapor trail and think of you and I.
I've seen couples walking hand in hand w/ a smile on their face
Oh and here I am again, analyzing the whole Damned human race

I ask about politics sex and religion, instead of what it is that makes you smile
I wanna run to you hoping and reaching and grasping until

Over and over, and over again, I will see you, and free you, and feed you my friend
And I'll stand there besides you, like all lost lovers do
And I'll hold you and love you, until our flesh fades from view.

Of all the time that ever was, and the time that will ever be, this sun shines down now, on you and me
We stood between the span of the sun and moon, under these same starry night Van Gough knew

I know it's crazy to believe I know it's crazy to conceive,
this beautiful coincidence between you and me

Paul Adams

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