Fugitive DNA molecular structures, my road map

in this wild ride.

My eyes close one minute and I’m transported,

slowly imported, to this sorted,

point where my head hands and feet

dance ‑ willy nilly ‑ through fields, people, and conditions.


The condition of circumstance, wanna dance,

feets don’t fail me now.

But, sometimes feets doesn’t  listen.

They’re already guided by that map, wanna slap, that crap,

 cause I know I gotta knack to fall that flat

on this wild ride                    DNA  molecular train.


DNA, say hey, wanna play, lets lay, today

on our foray with this wild ride DNA Molecular train,

don’t wain, just as the rain in Spain lays mainly on the plain,

we ride the train, the DNA molecular express train


Step right up to the Molecular Express

Strap in and enjoy the ride, hard on pride,

as your feet follow pre destined paths

and your choice to ride is on the side,

cause this express, is your guide


That train, connected by tiny synapse ends

makes you spin, gotta grin, with sin

on this synapse express, the DNA Molecular express


All aboooord, the DNA Molecular express speeds through every town.

Whether a clown with a frown, cause he’s down.

Or a hip chick, gotta trip, see her dancin’ at the strip

This DNA molecular EXPRESS takes all prisoners

down pre destined roads, of cellular road maps

choice collapse.

Paul Adams

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